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Promote Girls Education


$1,100 Raised

$5,000 Goal

Poverty, early marriage, teen pregnancies, and cultural beliefs are some common reasons for the gender gap in secondary education in Africa, especially in rural areas and deprived inner-city communities. Parents do not believe that educating girls helps the family economically or socially. We want to help break the gap by assisting with school fees and supplies, and support programs that promote girls’ education.

In urban areas, although more girls attend secondary school and universities, there is a stereotypes and gender biases in girl’s ability to perform well in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM). We aim to eliminate those biases by giving scholarships to girls interested in these majors and sponsoring STEM clubs and programs in schools.

Support Skill Training & Micro-Projects

Although academic education is crucial to ensure a better future, not everyone does well at school. That’s why we want to help girls who can’t do school learn skills to generate an income or assist them with micro-project financing. Doing so will help them break the cycle of poverty and ensure a better future.

Last year, we supported skill training for two girls in urgent need. One of our partners helped by paying for sewing machines and the training. Now that these two girls learn to sew, they can make money by sewing and selling sewed stuff.

Delivering love and hope

We want to raise a minimum of $5000 to support girls’ education, training and micro-projects in Cameroon and Uganda for 2024. You can help put a smile on a young girl’s face and ensure a better future with your contribution. Any amount you donate will be much appreciated.

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