Let's Change Lives Together!

The Jedidiah Talom Foundation is 501 C (3) non-profit organization driven by the engagement of our partners and ambassadors who help us create a better future for underprivileged girls in Africa, where they have access to essential needs such as personal care products, education, healthcare, clean water, and other necessities.

Become A Partner

Our partners are individuals, churches, and other organizations that provide the financial and human capital to carry on our mission.

You can become a partner by:

  • Making a financial donation
  • Helping us with your skills
  • Buying a product from our store

As a partner, you can share input and make suggestions, receive updates on our work, and participate in travels and other activities.

One Time Donation

  • 25 USD
  • 50 USD
  • 100 USD

Monthly Donation

  • 10 USD
  • 25 USD
  • 50 USD

Become An Ambassador

Any person or organization can become an ambassador.

Our ambassadors are dedicated individuals and organizations that advocate for us, promote our cause, and raise money to support our mission.

As an ambassador, you can launch fundraisings, seek sponsorships, and use your platforms and connections to create awareness about our work. You can also put our ambassador badge on your website or social media platform with a link to our website to share your passion for our causes.

Join Our Team

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Buy a Product to support our mission

We have put together various articles with Jedidiah’s artworks to celebrate her life and carry on her legacy. These articles are great as gifts for different occasions or for your personal use. By shopping with us, you are supporting a cause and changing lives. 100% of the benefits go to the foundation to support our various projects.