Our Story

Jedidiah Talom Foundation (JTF) was officially founded in January 2020 and launched on September 6, 2020, the first anniversary of Jedidiah’s passing. Jedidiah Talom, who the foundation is named, was a beautiful, talented and passionate young artist. She liked to make everyone around her feel loved and valued, as her friends described. She was a senior at Texas A&M University at College Station when she left us.

The last three months of Jedidiah’s life, from May-August 2019, were extraordinary, just to say the least. During that time, Jedidiah demonstrates an incredible passion for God through fasting, prayers, and personal bible studies. She also shared that she wanted to do something for Cameroon, her country of birth, and Africa’s continent in general. However, since she left Cameroon at the age of 8, she didn’t know what she could help with.

Her mom then told her about some common challenges in Africa. But what really captured Jedidiah’s heart was the struggles many girls face when trying to manage their period with safety and dignity.  Especially in rural areas and underprivileged areas in big cities.

She also shared with Jedidiah her own story about her struggles when she lost her mom at 15. Jedidiah’s mom had no one else to care for her considering she was raised in a single-parent family and didn’t have a relationship with her dad. In such a situation in Africa, the aunts and uncles are usually the ones to help. Still, suppose they are too young to do so or unable to help. In that case, the child will definitely experience real struggles, which was the case for Jedidiah’s mom.  Most girls in her situation end up having inappropriate relationships with older men to provide for them. Still, Jedidiah’s mom was dedicated to her faith and determined not to do such a thing. Therefore, her menstrual time every month was her biggest nightmare.

Jedidiah’s mom told her she had to develop creative ways to “safely” manage her period. She will usually tear down old clothes or use toilet paper when possible. As she was listening to her mom’s story, Jedidiah’s eyes were tearing up. Jedidiah told her mom, “I Couldn’t imagine a girl could lack such a basic necessity.” She then told her mom, “Now I know what to do. Helping girls in Africa with menstrual pads and other basic toiletries will be my first project.” Jedidiah wanted to empower them to feel loved and worthy regardless of their social and economic situation and improve their quality of life. She wanted every girl to embrace her full potential and live out her passion.

During that same time, Jedidiah was also praying about how to use her art to honor God. It has been a concern for her over the years, and now she was determined to find out how. So, one day she came to her mom and said, now she knows how. She said: “Mom, I think God spoke to me about representing bible verses in my art. I saw it; I know exactly how I am supposed to do it.”  Then, with her most excited voice, she shared all the details of this new art project with her mom. She said she will create a codification system for the bible reference of the scripture used for her art. And encourage people to decode it and find out what scripture she represented. She was so excited about this project and couldn’t wait to start it. So, she started working on it immediately, and in July 2019, she shared her very first piece of the project. It’s a color pen drawing.

Do you see the Serie of a number near the bird closer to the girl’s hair? That’s the code to find the bible reference for the scriptures that Jedidiah represented. Can you decode it?

Jedidiah’s family was planning their first trip back to Cameroon upon her college graduation in May 2020. Jedidiah was looking forward to that trip and told her mom that she would like to talk with girls and gather as much information as possible to start working on her project. But unfortunately, Jedidiah unexpectedly went to be with the Lord on September 6, 2019, just as she turned 21. Although her family is still devastated by this tragic situation, they have decided to continue their daughter’s legacy by carrying out her vision. Hence the birth of the Jedidiah Talom Foundation.

The GN Packs

The name “GN Packs” (Girl Necessities packs) came from Jedidiah’s little sister Ashriel.

Our GN Packs are tools that enable young girls to be confident and let them know that they are loved and valued.

Each GN pack includes menstrual pads and some of the following: body lotion, soap, deodorant, toothbrush and toothbrush case, toothpaste, shampoo, and underwear. We also often adapt our GN packs each month to meet the most pressing needs.

Jedidiah Talom may not be here with us anymore, but her dreams don’t have to go with her. Together, we can carry them through and make a difference in the lives of underprivileged girls in Africa.