Our Partners in Uganda

Christian and Yvette Mongele are our partners in Uganda. Originally from Cameroon, they are missionaries in Uganda, with a mandate to save the lost and train disciples. They carry out their mission principally through interdenominational Bible Training Centers. This platform allows them to accelerate the multiplication of disciples in the kingdom of God. Furthermore, Christian and Yvette work with youth through schools and neighborhood groups to empower young people to grow in their faith and thrive in society.

In addition to the Mongeles’ work together, Yvette leads a group of young girls, age 11-20, addressing their specific needs. Through biblical-based self-development classes, she helps build confidence and dignity in young girls and let them know that they are valued and loved. Considering the work that Christian and Yvette are doing with youth, the Jedidiah Talom Foundation has partnered with them so that together we can make a difference in the lives of young girls in Uganda.

Yvette shared with us that sanitary pads and other essential toiletries are crucial for the girls in Uganda. She also expressed the need for housing. Many young girls come from rural areas to pursue a dream of a better life in the cities. Unfortunately, that dream often becomes a nightmare for most of them, as they end up on the street. Also, there is a crucial need for school fees and supplies for girls who cannot keep up with proper education due to the lack of these necessities. Additionally, many young girls are not going to school. Still, they would like to receive training for a skill that will ensure them a better future.

We believe that every young girl should manage her period safely and with dignity and receive proper education to improve her quality of life.


Make A Donation

We have supported 30 girls monthly with our GN packs, and during Christmas, we helped about 200 girls. Overall, we have provided more than 500 GN packs since October 2020.

Our goal is to provide GN packs to all 200+ girls monthly. To be able to do so, we need more people who can commit to a monthly donation, or make substantial one-time donations.

Here are our goals for 2021-2022:

  • Provide GN packs monthly to 100 girls ($1,200/month)
  • Support education or skills learning for those in need
  • Take a team of women to Uganda for a 3-day conference…

One Time Donation

  • 25 USD
  • 50 USD
  • 100 USD

Monthly Donation

  • 12 USD
  • 24 USD
  • 36 USD