Medical Assistance for Maurelle

Finally, we are starting a new project in Cameroun, Jedidiah's country of birth...


$400 Raised

$3,000 Goal

Our new project in Cameroon is to help save the life of a young girl who need dialysis to stay alive. During my recent visit there, a friend introduced me to a young girl who suffered from kidney failure, and her story broke my heart. I thought about Jedidiah and knew she would have loved to help in such a situation.

Meet Maurelle

Hi there, my Name is Maurelle, and I am a young girl from Cameroon, where I live. I was diagnosed with kidney failure in elementary school, and it happened suddenly, without any known cause. So, for the last 9 years, I have been doing dialysis twice weekly to stay alive.

I am a junior in high school, and despite my poor health condition, I am grateful for life and would like to remain alive and fulfill my dreams. 

What can you do?

When it all started, she lived in a small town with her family. She had to move to Douala, one of the biggest cities in Cameroon, for her treatment since her small town didn’t have a dialysis center.

It’s difficult for Maurelle’s parents to keep up with her treatment fees, food, tuition, and rent; since they do not have much. She often worries about her dialysis, on which my life depends. Deciding between buying food or paying for her treatment is a difficult choice. Still, unfortunately, that’s the dilemma she frequently faces. The truth is that she needs both. Without proper nutrition, her body might not handle the dialysis, and without dialysis, she will die.

Let's give hope to this lovely young girl.

Maurelle needs two weekly dialysis sessions, and each session only costs $10 since the government subsidizes it. We want to help cover the dialysis fees for a year; that way, she won’t have to worry about it, and whatever her family or other people give her could be invested in food and different needs. The two sessions per week are $20, and she needs $1,040 for a year. Any amount you can donate will be beneficial.