Jedidiah Talom, Forever In Our Hearts!


Born in Doula, Cameroon, on August 30, 1998, Jedidiah Talom began her journey as the firstborn of Hugues Talom and his wife, Nathalie Talom. She was raised in a Christian home and grew up to become a God-fearing young woman.

When she was 8 years old, Jedidiah moved from Cameroon to San Diego, CA, with her family. She attended elementary school there until she moved again to Midland, Texas, in December 2009, where she attended middle school at Abell Junio High School. Then, in summer 2012, her family moved to Forney, Texas, in the Dallas Metroplex, where she attended Forney High School. She joined the school’s Junior ROTC program and served in the Color Guard team.

As a natural leader with strong organizational skills, she held different functions in the Junior ROTC, including Financial Manager, Squadron Commander, Protocol Officer, Cadet Operations Officer, Drill Commander, Inspection Team.

She planned over 80 community service events and executed 35 events as a Protocol Officer. She was a key factor in TX-20081 receiving and exceeding Standards on the unit inspection in March 2015, and the Corps earning the Distinguished Unit with Merit Award. Additionally, she was presented with two awards by the Military Order of World Wars (MOWW) organization for two different Leadership camps she attended:

  • The Bronze Patrick Henry Award, one of the highest AFJROTC medals a cadet can receive for being the # 1 Cadet at the Cadet Staff Leadership Course at Howard Payne University.
  • One of the top cadets at the Texas A&M Southwest Leadership Conference 2015.

Jedidiah Talom was recognized in her life so many times. In fourth grade, she won First Place at a Math Olympics. In middle school, she won a couple of art medals, and in high school, she won two gold medals in Texas’ visual Art Scholastic Event. She designed an outdoor learning Center for Rhea Elementary School in Forney and two other engineering students. During her four years in Junior ROTC in Forney High School, she won four medals and 24 ribbons.

She graduated from Forney High School in 2016 with a scholarship from the Air Force ROTC. She was admitted to Texas A&M University as an Engineering major.

She joined the Corps of cadets and completed two years of AFROTC. She was the artist for her outfit and served in Public relationships. During her time in the corps, Jedidiah continues to excel in leadership by holding few responsibilities, including:

  • Fireteam Leader (FTL) was directly in charge of a couple of freshmen, and they loved her.
  • Corporal Butch Baldridge
  • Inspector General Corporal was in charge of making sure all the standards were kept, like clean rooms, proper uniform wear, etc.
  • Corps Center Guard, where she did the color guard at the front of parades and other events.

After two years in the AFROTC, things did not turn out as expected, so she decided to leave the Corps of Cadets. It was tough for her to let go of her dream to become an officer in the US Air Force. However, she decided to explore other career options, to see what else she likes. She had changed her major from engineering to general studies in business, so she can discover what she likes. Since she wasn’t sure which career path to follow in life, she wanted to get a bachelor’s degree, explore different options available to her, then go back for a master’s in what she really wants to do.  That summer, she started an internship with J.B. Hunt, a transportation and logistics company. She continued working with them Evey school break. Her gifts, and talents, along with her incredible work ethic made her stood out. She was already promised a job as an account manager upon graduation. Her boss told her family: “She had a bright future with our company. Her passing is such a loss for us”.





Artistic Skills

Jedidiah inherited her paternal grandmother’s artistic skills and started drawing and painting at an early age. She made her very first drawing when she was less than two years old. She was trying to make a drawing of herself, and as she was drawing, she called each part aloud. Finally, she ended up with a skeleton drawing. Looking at it, she realized something was missing. She then added a circle in the middle saying “le ventre de Coucou” in French, which in English means “Coucou’s tummy.” She then looked at her drawing and smiled. She was so proud of herself. Later, when her mom told her the story, she decided to make that skeleton drawing part of her signature. 

Over the years, she had numerous drawings and paintings. In 2018, she decided to take her art passion to the next level by learning new skills such as black pen drawing, color pen drawing, marker drawing, and digital painting. Excited by these new skills, she started a Facebook page to share her artwork with the world, using her new artist name: Wilarose.

At the beginning of 2019, she decided to turn her passion for art and graphic design into a small business. She created a website to offer graphic designs, illustrations, and artist services to companies and private customers. 

Jedidiah loved to draw and paint and was fascinated with science and her African inheritance. She loved to travel, enjoyed eating seafood, watching sunsets, waterfalls and going to the beach. Her favorite color was light blue turquoise.

Faith and Legacy

While a student at Texas A & M University at College Station, Texas, Jedidiah was also a member of a non-denominational church, Antioch Community Church that she loved very much. She joined a life group where she met weekly with other students from her church for bible studies and prayer. Her family witnessed the impact of her church and life group in her life during her last summer with them in 2019. As a result, she became more and more hungry for God and devoted to personal prayer, fasting, and bible study.
She had one younger sister and one younger brother she loved very much.
On September 6, 2019, Jedidiah was found unresponsive in her dorm room at Texas A&M University where she was a senior.
Although Jedidiah Talom, AKA Coucou and Wilarose, has left us too soon, her legacy will remain forever with us.

Tribute to Jedidiah

Her Family Regards

Little Mama’, “Coucouette”, the day you were born I lifted you up and dedicated you to our Lord JESUS. You are now in His presence, and His Glory overshadows you in His perfect Love. You are now where you belong!
I will always love and think of you, until the day that we meet again.

Your loving father,
Hugues Talom

I still remember holding you in my hand, looking into your pretty eyes; tears of joy filled my eyes. I remember giving you different nicknames while singing to you, and finally the nickname “Coucou” became your official nickname. Until today, your family and close friends from your early childhood still call you “Coucou.”

My little Coucou, I am grateful for these few years we have had together. You have brought so much joy into our lives, and helped me become a stronger woman, and a better mom. I wish you were here longer to fulfill all those dreams you told me about. Nevertheless, I believe that the lithe you have accomplished will make a bigger impact than you could have ever imagine.

Knowing that I will never see you here again makes me so sad, but I am comforted because I also know that this separation is just temporary. I will see you again in heaven, in the presence of our Lord Jesus. Until then, you will always be in my heart.

Love always,
Your loving mother

Coucou, I remember when we played monopoly, and did crafts together. Memories like those I will always cherish. I love you, and miss you. I know you are in heaven. You will forever be in my heart.

Your sister Ana

Coucou, when I came home from school and papa told me what happened I was in doubt. I didn’t believe what had happened. I remembered a few weeks ago when the pastor had told you that you would achieve great things in life. The same night you spoke in tongues for the first time and you were excited when you came home. I remember all the times we sat in the backyard and played cards while we drank the smoothies you made, and the projects you did with us each summer. I miss you Coucou, but I know you are in heaven celebrating with God. You will always be in my heart.

Your brother Nathanael