Assist With Healthcare & Access to Clean Water

The Poor Quality of Healthcare And Limited Access To Lifesaving Treatments Is A Major Challenge In Deprived Communities In Africa.


$400 Raised

$3,000 Goal

When a family is already struggling to have food to eat, paying for a lifesaving treatment becomes even more challenging, and the person in need might just be left to die. Unfortunately, this is a sad reality for many children and young girls in Africa.

Dialysis treatment, surgical procedures, and lifelong use of medications such as insulin for people with type 1 diabetes are some common healthcare needs that many can’t afford. We want to help cover the cost of these lifesaving treatments for young girls in Africa who are desperately in need.

Also, in many rural and inner-city communities, hospitals do not have adequate necessities to provide basic care. Assisting these hospitals with medical equipment, supplies, and common medications can tremendously impact the entire community, and improve health outcomes. Please get in touch with us if you would like to help dig wells for clean water or assist with medical necessities. Your support will be very much appreciated.

One of our biggest successes this year: supporting Maurelle

This year, we were so happy to assist Maurelle, a young girl in Cameroon who needed support for dialysis treatment. She was diagnosed with kidney failure in elementary school, and it happened suddenly, without any known cause. So, for the last 9 years, she has been doing dialysis twice weekly, and the cost was becoming unbearable for her family. With your donation, we covered the cost of her treatment for an entire year and assisted her with school fees. Maurelle and her family were so grateful for the help. She is a high school junior full of passion and dreams.

Delivering love and hope

For 2024, we want to help 3 girls in Cameroon who desperately need lifesaving treatment. Join us, and let’s save lives together.

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